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Ceiling Fans

Peachtree City Ceiling Fan Installation

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Many houses have ceiling fans installed already. Over time, these fans tend to wear out. Rather, they become out of style or they tend to wobble a bit due to the box support not being fan rated. Are you having any of these issues? If so, please feel free to contact Senoia Electric regarding a new fan installation.




Most fans in older houses tend to not have the proper support. This is the reason why most older fans tend to wobble or wear out over time. As a result, when replacing an old fan it is always a good idea to make sure that fan has the proper box and support before proceeding to replace the old fan. Not only would this help to meet the new electrical code specifications, it can add life expectancy to your new fan, and possibly prevent injury from the fan falling on someone's head. It is a good idea to have a licensed electrical company install the new fan, since it is required for them to make sure that the fan is safe, secure, and installed to meet the proper specifications.


New Installs



Typically, any new homes tend to have the proper support required for replacing a old fan with a new fan. If the desired location for a new fan is located where an existing light fixture is installed, then the chances our that the box will need to be replaced. The reason for this is that most light fixtures do not weigh as much as a fan and therefore do not require a fan rated box. So in that case, the box would need to be replaced with a fan rated box.




There are many different types of ceiling fans out on the market today. This causes for many differenct types of fan installations as a result. At Senoia Electric, we are specialist with many years of experience when it comes to ceiling fans and therefore we can perform any type of fan installation out on the market today. Our electricians will take care of your fan installation needs regardless of how the fan needs to be put together or supported.











Ceiling Fans
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