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Electrical Inspections For Your Peachtree City Home & Business

Electrical Inspections
Peachtree City Ceiling Fan Installation

Electrical inspections are an essential element to ensuring the safety and security of your family and property. Aside from that, having a electrical system inspection performed is an intelligent step in protecting your investment. At Senoia Electric, we have proudly provided the greater Fayette County area with comprehensive home inspections. We are extremely thorough and know that your homes safety is important to you. Our number one priority is your safety and to make sure your investment is sound. That is why we are Peachtree City most trusted provider of home electrical system inspections.


Our inspection will cover your entire home or office. We will check your main service & panel, circuit breakers, grounding, check for correct breaker sizing to kitchen appliances,, outlet and switches, GFCI protection, surge protection, HVAC system, smoke and CO detectors electrical systems. An electrical inspection can yield much helpful information. Aside from pointing out any potential hazards and faults (priority number one), the inspection can also reveal inefficiencies and areas where improvements can help you save energy and money. Your home inspection will also uncover whether your electrical system is current with local codes or out of date.


As you can see, electrical home inspection is an extremely valuable service. In every way it helps to keep you and your property safe from electrical malfunction and save you money by allowing you to be more efficient. So call Senoia Electric and schedule a home inspection today.

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