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Handyman vs. Do It Yourself vs. Electrician

dangerous electrical taps

Do you have an electrical repair or a project you’re moving forward on, or you’re wanting to improve the look of your home or business? Will you do it yourself, hire a handyman, or hire a qualified electrician?

Because of the rising costs of our economic environment, many are looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to electrical repairs or additions. One way people are doing this is through their own attempts or choose someone who claims to be a qualified electrician working as a “handyman”. The current economy has left many skilled tradespersons unemployed and eager to offer their expertise as a handyman repair worker.

A “handyman” might be able to do the electrical job you have or they might not. How are you to know? Much of the work performed in an electrical project is covered up by walls, wire junction boxes, or in limited access locations. We’ve seen bad connections where the previous installer has connected wires using gift wrapping tape or paper clips or some other household items. Also, wires that carry high voltage were cut, pinched, and fully exposed to a shock or fire hazard (see above picture). The owners knew nothing about this! Following the electrical codes didn’t seem to be a priority in these attempts. Codes need to be met or there’s a huge liability to persons and property.

Electrical wiring can be very dangerous! A handyman may have some electrical talent, but they are not recognized by the law as a licensed contractor. In other words, in Georgia, they cannot pull permits on jobs where they are required and they are not allowed to work on any type of remodel or new construction project without a permit. The State knows the dangers of unlicensed work. They are not just looking for other means for revenue. If you hire someone who is unlicensed to save money, then you are taking a huge risk. If something goes wrong, you have very little recourse. You could end up paying more in the end.

Senoia Electric not only is licensed, but insured. The State requires this for good reason….. The State of Georgia provides reimbursement to a consumer who has suffered a financial loss as a result of a licensed electrical contractor who has engaged in fraudulent, deceptive or dishonest practices, or failed to perform. Injured parties may collect funds to recover damages. Any unlicensed person can not offer you this protection.

To get the results that you expect, it is essential that you put appropriate effort behind finding an electrician matched to the specific requirements of your job – do not simply trust someone that puts you at ease or wins your confidence. If a licensed contractor is hired, one item to look into is their complaint record with the Georgia Board of Contractors. They should always come with word-of-mouth recommendations or testimonials of their peers.

Call us to discuss your project, and our expertise. Let’s talk about doing it right the first time. We service Peachtree City, Sharpsburg, Newnan, Tyrone, and any surrounding areas.

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